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From Stan Pottinger, the author of the mega bestselling The Fourth Procedure and A Slow Burning comes an unsettling and bold new thriller set in the high stakes, no-holds-barred world of oil exploration. The Boss (St. Martin's Press Hardcover Original; December 1, 2006; Price: $24.95; ISBN: 0-312-27677-X), Pottinger's fourth novel, combines new oil technology and corporate greed resulting in an action-packed thriller that proves oil is the most precious commodity on earth.

Spin Patterson is a Texas golden boy who has it all: a company he's inherited from his father-in-law and built into a multi-billion dollar goliath, a wife as glamorous as she is ruthless, and a mysterious past. He also has a beautiful mistress, Tacoma Reed, a brilliant part-Cherokee woman with ambitions of her own. When Spin's wife Audrey files for divorce and threatens to sue him for everything he's worth, he must find a way not only to protect his empire, but prevent a personal bankruptcy that would reduce him to ashes. The stakes are as high as they come, and the levels of fraud and violence to which Spin is willing to ascend surprises everyone, including himself.

Max McLennon, 33, Spin's devoted protégé and executive assistant, has grown up in the shadow of the oil rigs where he's seen a family member killed-an event for which he feels guilt and responsibility. Now, as he watches the employees of his company threatened with bankruptcy by the very man he admires like a father and has looked up to throughout his career, he is forced to choose between loyalty and justice-between his mentor and his family and friends. But even more, he must confront his own past and make the choices that will define him a coward or a hero. It is not an easy choice: to do what is right, he must risk his own life and the life of the woman he loves.

This is a pulse-raising and electrifying rocket of a thrill ride into the depths of corporate corruption and the search for the soul of a nation buried deep in the oil fields of Texas.

"THE LAST NAZI? We had better hope so. By the time you've finished reading, you'll be convinced this isn't just great suspense, but a kind of mind terror you can't forget."
- Nelson DeMille,
author of Up Country and The General's Daughter

"Settle in where you like to read, throw a blanket over your lap, and prepare for a sleepless night. Adalwolf is a villain for the ages. There are moments when he makes Hannibal Lecter look like the Easter Bunny."
- Michael Palmer,
author of Fatal and The Patient

"From the first shocking page, THE Last Nazi is an unstoppable ride with hairpin twists and turns. This is the best book yet from a master who truly knows how to thrill."
- Tess Gerritsen,
author of The Apprentice and The Surgeon