Bestseller Pottinger (The Final Procedure) craftily plays on the metaphorical bigness of Texas in this oversized thriller-big egos, big money, big love triangles, all fueled by big oil. The biggest ego of all is that of 38-year-old Jack "Spin" Patterson, a good ol' boy from Houston who has scratched and scrounged his way to the top of Gulf-Tex Oil. He's got money, women and a shadowy past he's trying desperately to keep hidden. Love him or hate him, Spin's the sort of man who takes over a room, as well as a novel. Spin's nemesis is Max McLennon, a former protégé who thrives under his mentor's wing until he discovers Spin's greed and ambition know few bounds. McLennon lays a trap designed to bankrupt Spin and scuttle his boss's latest invention-a gold mine of a device dubbed Black Eyes that can detect oil fields at far greater depths than existing technology. Juicy sex, high-stakes vengeance and taut action will keep readers turning the pages.
-Publishers Weekly(Dec.)